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Welcome 2016

We have all said our good byes to 2015 and a big welcome to 2016 !! With the new year we all make resolutions, but in spite of our best intentions, we somehow get stuck in our old patterns and have a difficult time leaving them behind. I am challenging myself this year to drop a few of my habits, harmless as they may seem, I … Read More ...

Our Mission

To provide a purposefully structured environment for children up to six years of age, where they not only develop emotionally, physically, and mentally as individuals, but also learn good work habits and ethics which will enable them to be a productive part of a group.

Our Vision

To provide a safe and controlled environment where children will be motivated to learn through exploring their environment to develop a well rounded personality.


To inspire a child to lay a foundation of a life time learning.


To instill integrity, responsibility, respect and community leadership, so that our children are independent, compassionate and engaged citizens of our world.


To help a child develop imagination and establish strong self esteem.


To encourage them to be independent thinkers, so that they can get through not only school but also life.